The Humans of IFAMA

We are a global organization.
7 Countries
Each of our contributing humans is a microenterprise. We believe in doing good for the world and that means also being sustainable. We help develop enterprises for good. 


Certified AllerCoach(TM)

Jennifer Joy Johnson

Jennifer is a Certified Health Coach and founder of Joy of Eating Food Allergy 

Consulting based in Glenview,  IL. She has been managing both Eosinophilic Esophagitis and several food allergies for over 10 years. Her mission is to transition those living food allergic diseases to thriving! 


  • Advertising Executive for several Fortune 500 clients, 8+ years

  • Creative Consultant for 4+ years

  • Spin and Barre Instructor 

  • Mother of three awesomely strong, allergic kids

  • Health and Wellness Enthusiast


Kailua, Hawaii

Co-Founder AllerCoach(TM)

Dr. Stuart Rusnak

Dr. Stuart Rusnak is a board certified allergist who has been instructing allergist across the United States for over 20 years. 

  • Medical School Northwestern University in Chicago

  • Fellowship National Jewish Hospital 

  • Served on American College and Academy of Allergy and Immunology Board 

AllerCoach Spotlight__Name_ Kristen Nevd

Chicago, IL


Kristen Nevdal

Kristin is a certifed AllerCoach(TM), in addition to successfully completing Food Allergen Managment Specialist training, Krisitn is also an Attorney.  

Ines Cornejo.jpeg

San Jose, Costa Rica 

Education ,

AllerCoach(TM) Latin American

Ines Cornejo

Co-founder Alergias con Amor, a microenterprise of iFAMA

Ines is paving the way for food allergens management in Latin America. 

-1st Costa Rican Food Allergen Management Specialist 

-AllerCoach(TM) Graduate 2016

-Member of Allergy Management Local Committee for Food Industry

-Science & Technical Specialist working with Academy, Industry, Testing Laboratories and Consumers

-Speaks Spanish, Portuguese, & English

-350+ clients in Latin America 

-7+ years experience in multiple Food Allergen Management 

-Mother of  2 children. 

-Partner of AllerCoach(TM) LATAM


Her mission is all individuals with food allergies, will have an inclusive, safe, quality of life for health conditions out of their control. Through education we can develop responsible food product suppliers. With advocacy for accessible health services and representing the consumers in the surveillance for transparent labeling of food products. Ines is a partner & instructor of the AllerCoach(TM) Latin American division. 


Cofundadora y líder de Alergias con Amor, Ines está allanando el camino para la gestión segura de las alergias alimentarias en Costa Rica. Ines es la primera AllerCoach certificada en alergias alimentarias en Español y es miembro actual de la Comisión local de alérgenos alimentarios para la Industria de Alimentos, en el que trabaja con la Academia, la Industria, los Laboratorios de Pruebas y los Consumidores. Habla español, portugués e inglés. Ella ha servido a más de 350 clientes en América Latina hasta la fecha, también es responsable de administrar las alergias alimentarias múltiples de sus dos 2 niñas por más de 7 años. Su misión es que todas las personas con alergias alimentarias obtengan una calidad de vida inclusiva, libre de temores y segura para su condición de salud, a través de la capacitación, el desarrollo de proveedores responsables y la promoción de servicios de salud accesibles y la representación de los consumidores en la vigilancia del etiquetado transparente de productos alimenticios. Inés es socio comercial de AllerCoach Spanish training.

Copy of Dee Dee V Head Shot

Colorado, USA



Dee Dee Vincino

Founder & CEO                                                    


Fort Collins, CO

Managing Food Allergies:  26 years

Worst Fear:  Misinformation Leading to Crisis

My Why:  When I was a young mother managing my children’s food allergies, there were very few resources and there was no Google.  Today, we are flooded with information espoused by Facebook groups and so-called industry experts. My goal is to sift through the mire of inter-web info and provide newly diagnosed with the sound, well-researched information, coping strategies, and life skills derived from reputable and respectable sources so that they can make intelligent decisions regarding the safety and care of their children and families. And I work with schools, too.  And restaurants. And businesses. And anyone interested in managing food allergies and other special dietary needs.

  • Educational Professional for 8+ years:  Well versed in IEPs, 504 Plans, and Bullying Issues

  • Former Director of Education and Training for AllerTrain

  • Founded AllerCuisine in 2018 (Food Allergy Management)

  • Community Activist

  • International Public Speaker: Member Women’s Speaker Association, Toastmasters

  • Conference for Food Protection:  Member Allergen Notification Committee

  • Mother of 2 talented, intelligent and supremely witty now-adult kids


Canary Islands, Spain


Alba Quadrado

Founder & CEO                                                    

Alergias con Alegría Founder

Managing Food Allergies:  27 years

My why: I turned my diagnosis into a purpose through the Alergias con Alegría project, choosing a positive attitude towards my diagnosis. I learned to live with anaphylaxis, eosinophilic esophagitis and multiple food allergies. My mission is to empower and accompany people and families who, like me, have food allergies and want to improve their quality of life.

  • International Allergy Coach in Spain (Allercoach ™) accredited by IFAMA (International Food Allergen Management Academy).

  • Founder of Alergias con Alegría and the personal brand Alba Quadrado (Blogger on Food Allergies)

  • I Prize for Entrepreneurship Contest of Young Props of the Government of the Canary Islands with the Alergias con Alegría project.

  • Delegate in the Canary Islands of the ATX Elkartea Multialergy Association

  • Project Manager at Laztan (food safety company specialized in food restrictions)

  • Face-to-face service: Canary Islands; online service: Spain

  • Web, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin


Corinna M. 

Calgary, Alberta Canada


Corinna is located in Alberta, Canada 

-She began Friendly Pantry as an AllerCoach(TM) microenterprise, the first in Canada.  

-12+ years managing life threatening food allergies.  

-Coursework in both US & Canada to help food service professionals & individuals with Food Allergen Management. 

Working with Friendly Pantry offers hope and confidence by teaching people how to overcome the everyday obstacles of food allergic living. 

www.allerliving.com__Profile_ Dana

Dana Al-Salah

Amman, Jordan


Dana Al-Salah is: 

Founder of a social microenterpise:

AllerLiving & Kids with Food Allergies Jordan 

Started the middle eastern division AllerCoach(TM) f

From Amman, Jordan 

10+ years Managing food allergens, as a caretaker ​

In addition to Food Allergen Management certified, as an AllerCoach(TM),  she is also certified in Montessori and Kindermusik.​

Dana is driven to provide families & individuals with the adequate resources needed for those struggling with the disease in the Middle East, where they lack simple things like mandatory medication, such as Epienephrine. 

Tami Pyles AllerCoach Louisville, KY.jpg

Tami Pyles

Louisville, KY


Certified AllerCoach(TM) Instructor

Ms. Tami Pyles has been part of AllerCoach(TM) since 2015.

She is also:

-Founder of Thrive On Consulting Food Allergy Coaching &Training 

- 9+ years as a Food Allergen Management Specialist,

-15+ years as a training and development professional

-Nationally recognized writer & speaker for food allergy organizations including FARE, FAACT, Kids With Food Allergies Foundation and Gluten Free and More’s GFFA Fest

-Provides food allergy training to organizations

- 1:1 Client Solutionist

-Resource manager to thriving, despite food restrictions. 

Yvonne & Ari Dodd 2018

Yvonne Dodd

Instructor, AllerCoach(TM)

Yvonne is a master at business coaching and therefore head of the Business Coaching division of AllerCoach(TM) program. She also specializing in branding and brand management. 

She is certified by University of Miami, with 15 years of marketing, fundraising, relationship management, image and branding. President of EviD Consulting.  

  • BA Oglethorpe University

  • University of Miami

  • Background in Psychology, sales, and nonprofit management

  • Clients and Students are executive level to at risk youth

Lori Moussapour Headshot.jpg

Lori Moussapour

New York, NY

Certified AllerCoach(TM)

Therapist, Lori Moussapour, is based out of New York, NY. 

-Speaks 4 languages (English, Spanish, French & Farsi) 

-Founder of a microenterpise called, To Empower U. 

-9 years of Food Allergen Management experience

-Multiple (10) food allergic 


Through support, education, inspiration and coaching, Lori aims to empower those living with food allergies & to promote more sensitive, informed and inclusive communities.  She is an educator, community advocate, social worker and coach. 


Krystal Merchant


Certified AllerCoach(TM)

KM Food Management Coaching

Mount Gambier South Australia

Managing food allergies: 10 years

Worst fear: Misinformation through lack of education

My why: I chose to follow my personal experience with allergies into being able to help others traveling this same path. The more my children are involved in school & sports the more I see the gap in inclusiveness, education & awareness for allergy children and their families. My passion is knowing I can help others and make their lives easier, I love being able to make a difference.

  • 9yrs self-employed with our building company, Merchys Building & Construction.

  • Certificate 2 & 3 in Retail, 8 years retail experience.

  • Certificate in Nutrition & Diet

  • Certificate in Wellness Coaching

  • 2 years hospitality, customer service & finance.

  • Administration in busy business accountants in SA & WA.

  • Mum of 4 beautiful kids - Wil, Elsie, Alfie & Arthur. Wife of 12years to Ben.