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To help 270+ million people, worldwide, diagnosed with food allergy disease better manage daily living. 


How do we accomplish this huge task?

By providing the following:

1. Education & Innovation tools to the food industry (grower to manufacturer) 

2. Working on customized plans for each person with mulitple food allergy diagnosis from personal shopping to in home chef services to connecting with the right support groups. 

3. Advocating with organizations supporting food allergy cures and management in daily living. 



Allercoach is powered by UC Fresh, a 501(c)3 non profit organization, originally founded under the Food Allergy Gal brand in 2012 by Chef Lara Holland, (diagnosed with life threatening adult onset allergies in 2002)  & long time Board Certified Allergist, Dr. Stuart Rusnak.


What we learned about our community

  • People newly diagnosed with multiple allergies need more education and navigation in their lives other than a piece of paper that said "avoid these things or face severe illness or death."

  • Allergist struggle with how to further help patients as time doesn't always permit in the office nor does their understanding of living with the daily challenges with severe food allergies.

  • Nutritionist are not actually trained on food allergies past a few pages in each book. 

  • ER & GP docs have very little education on food allergies. 

  • Food Industry Professionals may never have received any formal education related to food allergies.