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Words of Praise

 This course is fantastic. I work in an education environment and this course rocked!!. The learning objectives were clear and tied to every component of the course. The materials were extremely helpful. And, most importantly, the instructors had great skills at engaging trainees virtually. By calling on people and pointing to content via while continually sharing information on the screen, kept everyone engaged. I also felt that the assessments (tests and role plays) were not only a great way to assess student learning, but they also helped us grow and learn through the execution. I love the model IFAMA created.  - Tiffany M.

Become a Certified AllerCoach™

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The International Food Allergen Management Academy proudly presents the AllerCoach Certification course. AllerCoach™  is the first international food allergen management training and certification program for coaches and consultants.  AllerCoach in Spanish: here.


  • Class meets online, once per week for 2 hours (Live Q&A) session included

  • Instructors are certified authorities on food allergies, food intolerance and celiac, business, and coaching 

  • 24 lecture hours, 18 hours self-study

  • Courses are provided 4 times a year

  • Program was founded in 2012 and is now sponsored by UCFresh, a nonprofit organization as part of  International Food Allergen Management Academy (IFAMA). 


Benefits of AllerCoach certification: 


  • Gain fundamental & necessary skills to run your own practice

  • Improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with food allergies

  • Properly coach, train, and assist clients with multiple food allergies and other mandatory diets. 

  • Be part of an elite team of professional, international coaches. 


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Pay Deposit

$75 deposit is due upon signing. Click $ icon to pay now. 

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Learn how to teach the core fundamentals of food allergy disease, food intolerance, celiac and basic overview of other special dietary needs. Get the tools you need to train others adequately. Information has been reviewed and approved by leading medical authorities and board certified allergist. 


When managing multiple food allergies, a whole new shopping experience takes place. It is frustrating and overwhelming. No one should have to go it alone. Reading labels, understanding scientific food names, finding safe shampoo, lotions, ect is tricky & time consuming.

A Certified AllerCoach is trained to provide hands on navigation skills for new products.  


Centered Table's AllerSmartChef class teaches the roles and responsibilities of a being a chef and how every aspect of that plays into being an AllerCoach from helping procure the proper ingredients  to ensuring kitchen safety to meal planning. All certified coaches are required to receive training to teach others what they need to know and do when managing multiple food allergies in the kitchen


Yvonne Dodd of EviD Consulting is a master at business coaching and therefore is a perfect match for teaching this section of the AllerCoach program. Learn effective techniques of coaching along with the day in the life of a coach role. 


Those diagnosed with food allergies are considered disabled under section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act because life threatening food allergies are a silent disabilty that impact the ability to function normally without having alterations made. Learn more about legal rights of food allergic in our courses. 


Be prepared because it's not what if an emergency happens, it's when it will. Get the tools, resources and checklist of things you'll need to help stay safe, confident, prepared and "comfortable" enough to handle these situations. 


According to the SBA50% of startup businesses  fail in the first year. It is most important to have great mentors, who have tools and connections, along with experience when starting.  AllerCoach provides technology tools, business startup help, train the trainer focused courses, business professionalism and a network of experienced coaches to work with.  Build your coaching business for success while helping other people with medically necessary diets.  


While an AllerCoach is not  in an attorney or doctor role, many of them have been in those roles before. We help connect you to the right people while also helping deliver the right information when needed as it relates to your needs.