Become a Certified AllerCoach™

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The International Food Allergen Management Academy proudly presents the AllerCoach™ Certification course.  

AllerCoach™  is the first international food allergen management training and certification program for coaches and consultants. 


  • Class meets online, once per week for 2 hours (Live Q&A) session included

  • Instructors are certified authorities on food allergies, food intolerance and celiac, business, and coaching 

  • 24 lecture hours, 18 hours self-study

  • Courses are provided 4 times a year

  • Program was founded in 2012 powered by UCFresh, a nonprofit organization.


Benefits of AllerCoach™ certification: 


  • Gain fundamental & necessary skills to run your own practice

  • Improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with food allergies

  • Properly coach, train, and assist clients with multiple food allergies and other mandatory diets. 

  • Be part of an elite team of professional, international coaches.