This Week With Chef Lara

It’s peach 🍑 season and I MOVED to Georgia 6 years ago because I love Peaches, Blues, & BBQ!

Roasted Okra

Try okra in a whole new way! Contact us for a customized meal plan for your allergies.


As a certified AllerCoach Kristen's goal is to guide individuals to live a more manageable life so that they can feel free again.

Every Person Should Know....

There is no cure for true food allergies. Any person, anywhere, at any time can develop a food allergy. Here are some useful points.

We Are What We Eat

With food allergies we are focused as much on what we can eat as we are on what we can't eat.

International Chocolate Day, July 7th!

Here is an allergy friendly, quick and easy, chocolate cupcake recipe that is FREE of dairy, soy, nuts, peanuts, sesame, and vanilla.