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We work really hard to ensure every partner is trained and feels confident about supporting individuals with food allergies. But don't take it from us, Read what they have to say, on this page. 



The AllerCoach program fulfills a need in the food allergy community that no one else does. This program takes people who have lived with food allergies, trains and equips them to support their fellow community members. I absolutely loved the course. Not only did I further my knowledge in food allergies and cross-reactive allergens but also the laws regarding workplace discrimination and federal/state laws for restaurants, etc. This course was empowering.


The other half of the course was spent on business development. This section was fun and challenging. I enjoyed the excitement of starting my business and found the probing questions challenging (the good kind that helps hone your focus).


Another benefit of the course, the classmates. Words are insufficient to express the joy I have in knowing my fellow AllerCoaches. I loved hearing their perspective and being able to encourage them and be encouraged by them. It is nice to know that although I am an independent AllerCoach, I will always have the added community support of my fellow AllerCoaches. 


Lauren Pechacek 

Flourish with Food Allergies


"Lara (founder of AllerCoach) did a fantastic job on this course. I work in an education environment and she rocked this. The learning objectives were clear and tied to every component of the course. The materials were extremely helpful. And, most importantly, the instructors had great skills at engaging trainees virtually. By calling on people and pointing to content via webex and continually sharing information on the screen, they kept everyone engaged. I also felt that the assessments (tests and role plays) were not only a great way to assess student learning, but they also helped us grow and learn through the execution. I love the Allercoach Certification model they have created."


Tiffany Brunetti Monroe

Certified AllerCoach 2015




My Food Allergy Coach,

North Carolina 

"I feel like I learned so much in the class. I knew a lot about food allergies from researching and dealing with them myself but now I really feel like I have a good understanding and can share my knowledge with confidence. Thank you!"

-Bridget Nolan




Certified AllerCoaches are your partners in patient care, post diagnosis. Join the team.