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It takes a village to get most anything accomplished, but especially when managing a chronic, life threatening disease. Find resources, tools, and tips to help better navigate and manage life with food allergies.  

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Dining Out 


Allergic Living 



Chef Cards

AuviQ gives examples

Select Wisely

The Allergy Free Table


Find Safe Dining Establishments


Gluten Free Passport 


Dining Tips

Eating with Food Allergies 

Allergic Living Magazine


FARE's Guide


Snack Safely

A guide to peanut, tree nut and egg free foods



Find tips & resources to help


Traveling-with-severe-food-allergies by Food Allergy Gal


Allergy Safe Travel


 Flying with Food Allergies




Cool Tools

Support Groups


Certified Food Allergy Coach 


Food Allergic ADULTS Support Group


Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America (AFFA)

A Certified Food Allergy Coach (AllerCoach) has recieved 28+ hours of food allergy management education, passed exams above 90% and have a minimum of 5 years managing food allergies/special dietary needs. Contact one today to get a customized plan.