Educational Team

Stuart Rusnak, M.D.

Board Certified Allergist

Dr. Stuart Rusnak is a board certified allergist who has been instructing allergist across the United States for over 20 years. 

  • Medical School Northwestern University in Chicago

  • Fellowship National Jewish Hospital

  • Served on American College and Academy of Allergy and Immunology Board

Chef Lara Holland

Culinary Skills, Kitchen Safety, Lifestyle Managment

Founder of International Food & Allergen Management Academy

Food industry professional (professional, celebrity, food allergy Chef) with experience in

-Managing multiple (17+) food allergies, personally and professionally.

-Over 500+ teaching hours of food allergen education

  businesses 2 business, individuals, instititutions, nutritionist, lawyers, doctors

-National Support Group Leader for approved by FARE and AAFA.

-Adult onset food allergic managing multiple life threatening food allergies.

-Recognized food allergy expert and professional speaker. 

  • FARE
  • Food Allergy Wellness Summit
  • GFFA Fest multiple times
  • Western Foodservice Exhibition (NRA)

Yvonne Dodd

Business, Marketing, Coaching Instructor

Master in business coaching, certified by University of Miami, with 10 years of marketing, fundraising, relationship management, image and branding. President of EviD Consulting.  

  • BA Oglethorpe University
  • University of Miami
  • Background in Psychology, sales, and nonprofit management
  • Clients and Students are executive level to at risk youth

Lisa Musician R.D.

Registered Dietician

Has been managing food allergies for over 25 years. Certified in Food Allergy Management, Safety, and Nutrition. 16 Years expeirence working with board certified allergist. 

  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition 

Cedar Crest College

Northhampton Community College

  • Dietetic Internship

University of Delaware         

Crystal Sabalaske

Organization Expert

Crystal Sabalaske, founder of Cluttershrink® has spent over a decade as a professional organizer–.

Through in-person and remote consultations via phone or online, hands-on assistance, seminars, speaking engagements, and summits, she helps each client make a molehill out of their mountain.


Crystal has been featured on HGTV and in multiple publications, including Women's Health, Philadelphia Magazine, and Family Fun. She is one of a few professional organizers who offers a unique and in-demand service, kitchen organization for food allergy safety and wellness.


Her family of four faces a total of 19 food allergies between them.

Tami Pyles

Founder, Thrive On Consulting

Ms. Tami Pyles has been part of AllerCoach(TM) since 2015.

She is also:

-Founder of Thrive On Consulting Food Allergy Coaching &Training

- 9+ years as a Food Allergen Management Specialist,

-15+ years as a training and development professional

-Nationally recognized writer & speaker for food allergy organizations including FARE, FAACT, Kids With Food Allergies Foundation and Gluten Free and More’s GFFA Fest

-Provides food allergy training to organizations

- 1:1 Client Solutionist

-Resource manager to thriving, despite food restrictions.

Ines Cornejo

Spanish Instructor Provider for AllerCoach Program, Alergias con Amor - Costa Rica (Instructora autorizada en Español)

Co-founder and leader of Alergias con Amor.  Ines is paving the way for food allergens management in her country.  She is the first Costa Rican food allergy coach and current member of the  Allergy Management Local Committee for Food Industry, in which she works with Academy, Industry, Testing Laboratories and Consumers.  She speaks Spanish, Portuguese  & English, and has served 350+ clients in Latin America to date. She also manages multiple food allergies for her 2 children, for over 7 years now. Her mission is that all individuals with food allergies, get to have an inclusive, fear free and safe quality of life for their health condition, throughout, empower them, develop responsible suppliers and by the advocacy for accessible health services and representing the consumers in the surveillance for transparent labeling of food products.  Inés is a business partner for AllerCoach Spanish training. 


Cofundadora y líder de Alergias con Amor, Ines está allanando el camino para la gestión segura de las alergias alimentarias en Costa Rica. Ines es la primera AllerCoach certificada en alergias alimentarias en Español y es miembro actual de la Comisión local de alérgenos alimentarios para la Industria de Alimentos, en el que trabaja con la Academia, la Industria, los Laboratorios de Pruebas y los Consumidores. Habla español, portugués e inglés. Ella ha servido a más de 350 clientes en América Latina hasta la fecha, también es responsable de administrar las alergias alimentarias múltiples de sus dos 2 niñas por más de 7 años. Su misión es que todas las personas con alergias alimentarias obtengan una calidad de vida inclusiva, libre de temores y segura para su condición de salud, a través de la capacitación, el desarrollo de proveedores responsables y la promoción de servicios de salud accesibles y la representación de los consumidores en la vigilancia del etiquetado transparente de productos alimenticios. Inés es socio comercial de AllerCoach Spanish training.

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2010 - present

2010 - present