• Chef Lara


  • Certified Allergy Coach

  • Mother of a child with severe food allergies

  • Managing food allergies for 5 years

  • Attorney, 9 years

  • Graduate of University of Illinois, B.S. in Psychology

  • Graduate of University of Wisconsin, J.D.

Our certified food allergy coaches provide practical solutions for the day-to-day management of food allergies. AllerCoaches™ are armed with the latest in food allergy research and knowledge and will work with you to utilize effective tools and strategies for tackling real-life food allergy challenges.

With an AllerCoach™ You Are NOT Alone!  We become part of your team and will guide you through the gray areas, after leaving the emergency room or the doctor's office. We help families, individuals, and institutions implement the day-to-day life management changes required for individuals with medically required diets to stay safe, live healthfully, and have a functional life. We are experts in managing multiple food allergies.

An AllerCoach™ is your personal advocate and will help you with hands-on cooking, kitchen training, where to shop, how to order food, make travel plans, know where it is safe to eat and places to avoid.

Kristen Nevdal has been a certified AllerCoach since 2017. Her mission is to help those (or their loved ones) that are newly diagnosed with multiple food allergies or other medically necessary diets navigate life with confidence. Having experienced a new diagnosis herself she understands how lost and confused a person can feel when they first receive a diagnosis.

Kristen has been managing her daughter's multiple food allergies for over 5 years. When she was first diagnosed they had to eliminate 6 of the 8 common allergens. Kristen remembers feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to feed her with all the new restrictions. As a working mom, she had to figure out how to manage her allergies and find a daycare provider that would do the same. In the past 5+ years she has learned a lot and she has started her own company, Living Free Allergy Consulting, so that she can help others.

As a certified AllerCoach Kristen's goal is to guide individuals to live a more manageable life so that they can feel free again. She'd like to shift the focus from "dairy-free", "egg-free", "nut-free", etc., to just being free. She can show the way to managing allergies and medically necessary diets in a way so that you can feel empowered, and most importantly, free again.

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Did you know that IFAMA now offers Spanish speaking AllerCoach classes in addition to English classes?

Learn more here: AllerCoach Certification.

Get certified so you can help improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with food allergies. Act now! Class space is limited!


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