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Food & Beverage Manufacturer's Secret Weapon: Chef Lara

Chef Lara is a food & beverage manufacturers biggest secret weapon. Today in an educated world with rising health issues relating to food, we need, now more than ever, to have clean, transparent labeling on all food and beverages.

True medically diagnosed food allergies impact over 250 million humans globally. There are over 170 food items that have been known to cause allergic reactions that could lead to death.

Chef Lara

Not only do we need to know what is in our food and beverages but we also need to create lines of products that are truly safe for these individuals who spend about $1.2 billion dollars per year in purchasing safe food products made especially for them.

Chef Lara, with Centered Table Co., works with manufacturers and restaurants to ensure processes are safe, ingredients are properly labeled, great flavor profiles are delivered, packaging is marketable & legal, and marketing is delivered to the people that matter most.

She has been in the food industry for 15+ years and developed life-threatening food allergies in adulthood. Since food and the industry are such a huge passion of hers, she had to find a way to use her disability to her advantage and help millions of other humans with the same disability. Chef Lara manages 16 food allergens on a daily basis and still makes excellent meals and products. She is most known for starting the international AllerCoach (TM) program, a program that teaches people how to navigate and streamline safe day to day living with multiple food allergies, so as to minimize the risk of anaphylaxis and reactions and still enjoy living. She also started the first and largest recognized Adults With Food Allergies support group. In Atlanta, she is best known for starting the first ever late night street food market and Farm to Fork Kids (TM) cooking programs.

Chef Lara travels across the globe testing and tasting foods from small mom and pop restaurants to shopping for new, safe food products in markets in other countries. She consults with many individuals and companies on the wants, needs, and challenges of creating safe spaces and safe food products. She has built and created a program and system that is safe, affordable and emanate to the future of food.

Contact:  centered table co.  678-720-8845 Admin@centeredtable.com

Centered Table Co is currently offering a complimentary 30-minute consultation to food and beverage industry owners and executives. 

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