Pop Up 👩🏽‍🍳Chef Lara™️ Experience

Yesterday in Los Angeles, CA we had a poolside Pop-Up 👩🏽‍🍳Chef Lara™️ Experience.

Everyone gets something, from meeting new people, to trying new foods, to learning how their experience helps fund programs that focus on feeding hungry children, teaching sustainability, and spreading awareness about food & allergens to keep themselves and others safe.

Did you know that the International Food & Allergen Management Academy (IFAMA) is a global, social enterprise?

We are currently in

5 countries,

We speak

7 languages,

and the AllerCoach(TM) program has been translated into 2 languages.

We also have over

30 professionals working around the clock to make a difference for the lives of

270 million people worldwide who have to make life altering changes to survive and live daily with a disease that has NO cure.

100% of our special events are about supporting food allergy awareness & demonstrating that those of us with food allergies can still have fun and eat too.

It’s amazing to me that other humans can be so rude about a disease that is 100% out of our control. Most people mistake what true food allergies are.

Did you know food allergies are an immune system disease? Anyone, anywhere, at anytime can develop the disease, with no warning signs. In the United States, at least 200 deaths per year occur due to this disease.

While all of that sounds horribly depressing, with an AllerCoach(TM) or Food Specialist by your side, you too, can live a thriving, prosperous, fun and interactive life.

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