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It’s peach 🍑 season! I MOVED to Georgia 6 years ago because I love Peaches, Blues, & BBQ!

However, I was kind of upset that when I got here, downtown ATL GA hardly had any of those things! So, I got down into the heart and soul of the city in the Old 4th Ward. I rented a house just down the street from where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthplace and close to where Coretta Scott King spent so much time.

I walked the streets at all times of the day and really it was SAD!! It was empty & lonely. You could go ALL night and hardly once SEE a soul! In the heart and soul 💗🙏 of the CITY of ATLANTA... which is now sooo busy and popular and thriving... in just 6 years!!!

Anyway—- I channeled my southern roots and brought my CALIFORNIA & Native self into these little peach bites today!! It was so much fun!!

Then BB the King 🐶 and I sat quietly for an afternoon meditation session. We role reversed. He saw things from my good side perspective (aka.. my side of the bed) & I sat in his bed and thought... “if a dawg could talk, he could run a million $ enterprise!

I have created a wonderful life! I LOVE helping people. 🤗❤️

I’ve known FOOD my entire life. I was born into the food industry and come from three generations of native growers & cattle ranchers. Developing Food Allergies was a f*cking bitch!!!!!! And not just one, but sixteen MF’ing food allergies! I was like WTF... that was my whole f*cking backup plan. If all my other endeavors failed.. I could always just go back to Food... but NOOOO..... my f*cking body... was like “good luck bitch.. here’s food allergies.. now figure out how to make that shit work.”

And then we had to get our asses back to work. 💪🏽💪🏽

The end!!!

Hire Chef Lara or elect me for president in 2020!!! (hAHA) ☮️✌️✌️!!

FACT: 270 Million People World-Wide Have Life-Threatening Food Allergies

What Can We Do to Help Them?

Get Educated!

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